Cobalt Ore

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Prefab hash: -983091249

Stack size: 50

Paintable: No

Flashpoint: 373k (100°C)

Autoignition: 573K (300°C)

Cobalt is a chemical element with the symbol "Co" and is typically found is only small deposits.Cobalt is a rare substance, but used create the Heal pill and several alloys.


Ore (Cobalt) is mined throughout the surface and underground of a planet or an asteroid using a Mining Drill, Mining Drill (Heavy) and a Pickaxe. Ore can also be obtained using a Mining Rocket.


There is currently no recipe to make Cobalt into an ingot. It can be combined in the Advanced Furnace to create the advanced alloys Astroloy, Hastelloy and Stellite.


Nitrogen 3 mol

Volatiles 3 mol

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